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Popular and potentially useful complaint-related websites:

BBB (Better Business Bureau): The Better Business Bureau is a consumer protection organization that works to advance marketplace trust by cultivating a community of trustworthy businesses and setting standards for marketplace trust by encouraging and support best practices. Consisting of several private franchises throughout the United States and Canada, the Better Business Bureau gathers and reports information on business reliability, and alerts and informs the public of fraudulent activities effecting businesses and consumers, and acts as a trusted intermediary for resolving disputes between customers and businesses.

FTC (Federal Trade Commission): The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an agency of the federal government that works to promote consumer-protection and eliminate anti-competitive behavior in the marketplace. The FTC is a federal agency with both consumer protection and competition jurisdiction in broad sectors of the economy. While the FTC does not resolve individual complaints, it does accept complaints, comments, or inquiries from consumers that may help spot a pattern of law violations requiring law enforcement action, in addition to recognizing bigger trends that may be affecting consumers. Start by submitting a complaint to the FTC online through the FTC Complaint Assistant.

Consumer Action Website: The Consumer Action Website is maintained and updated by the Federal Citizen Information Center of the U.S. General Services Administration. The site lists consumer topics that provides tips for purchasing specific goods and services, like cars, home improvement, insurance, and it also includes handy information about spam, identity theft, credit, travel, utilities and more. It also includes helpful information on how and where to file a complaint, in addition to providing useful resources and publications for consumer advocacy.
Order the Consumer Action Handbook
They publish and distribute the Consumer Action Handbook for free from the federal government, and we recommend this book for anyone that wants to learn more consumer advocacy and have a handy listing of directories for various companies and industries. You can download the Consumer Action Handbook by clicking here, or ordering a free copy to be mailed to your home in 3-4 weeks.

CFA (Consumer Federation of America): The Consumer Federation of America (CFA) is an advocacy, research, education, and service organization that works to advance pro-consumer policies on a variety of issues before Congress, the White House, federal and state regulatory agencies, state legislatures, and the courts. The CFA investigates and publishes reports on consumer issues, behavior, and attitudes, and uses that information for the basis of providing consumer information and education efforts, in addition to new consumer initiatives, and public service advertising. Allows its visitors to post and research consumer complaints. It provides a database of personal consumer experiences with products and services that is collected from its visitors and published on the site for consumers to learn from one another. is an open forum for visitors to share their good and bad experiences with a company's products and/or services. One of the goals of the site is to help educate consumers so that they'll make more informed choices before purchasing, in addition to allowing businesses to help improve their products and services. is a site dedicated to letting consumers vent their anger and frustration with a product or service, where they encourage their visitors to post their complaints or reviews. provides a forum for consumer complaints, and assistance with obtaining legal counsel (where warranted). Rip Off Report is a central location to enter complaints about companies and individuals who are ripping people off. encourages their visitors to submit their stories to site for free, and it includes a variety of complaints and grievances on everything from auto dealerships, retail stores, local, state, and federal government & politicians, funeral homes, senior citizen homes, and almost any type of retail store, product, or service.

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