Why To Write an Effective Complaint

One Pouty Kid

If you're as unhappy as this little guy, then you should express your feelings to the guilty party. A lot of people feel uncomfortable complaining. Some fear being labeled a "nuisance" or a "jerk", and some think it's simply a waste of time. But think of it this way: If you paid your hard-earned money for a product or service, and the company in question gladly (and quickly) accepted the payment, you have a right to complain!

A complaint is an expression of unmet expectation, therefore if you find that your expectations haven't been met either because of shoddy workmanship, poor manufacturing, or subpar service, demanding that the situation be rectified to your satisfaction must be done!

Generally speaking,
no one likes to complain, but sometimes you have to. Many companies and big businesses these days are too quick to take our money only to deliver poor products and services. If someone doesn't speak up, they'll just continue doing it! Plus, writing an effective complaint letter lets them know there is an issue and it gives them the chance to rectify it, thus if a company chooses not to, then that helps you know where your dollars shouldn't be going!

Sure, in a perfect world, there'd be no need for a site like this or
effective complaints at all, but the reality is: Someone has to do something. Why not you?

Disclaimer: We don't write complaint letters for you, nor do we claim to be legal experts. We're just regular people trying to do what we can to help our fellow consumers.