When To Write Effective Complaints

The Hulk Smashing Something

Writing when you feel as angry as "The Hulk" is probably not a good idea. It might be good to jot down major points of how you feel to jog your memory later, but as a general rule, waiting 24 hours from the time of your injustice is a good "cool down period".

When you return, try to view the situation as third-party or "
outsider" would, then script a narrative in your letter that concisely conveys your message and shows what your expectations were, and exactly where the company failed to meet them.

Tips To Help Cool Down:
  • Take a Walk.
  • Have a Cold Shower.
  • Meditate.
  • Get a Good Night's Sleep.
  • Take Deep Breaths.
  • Listen To Music.
  • Whatever it Takes for you to Temporarily "De-stress".

Disclaimer: We don't write complaint letters for you, nor do we claim to be legal experts. We're just regular people trying to do what we can to help our fellow consumers.